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2020 China(Shanghai) Int'l Swimming pool Facility, Equipment And SPA Expo
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Based in Shanghai, with powerful resources of government, associations, clubs, hotels, sports venues, housing estates and schools etc, CSE is an one-stop trading communicating and purchasing platform for global manufactures, distributors and investors, gathering swimming facilities, swimming pool related and relative accessories. There will be concurrent events, such as swimming investors summit, training, swimming competitions, awarding and so on.

Estimated Scope:
15,000 sqm Exhibiting Area
200+ Exhibitors
16,000+ Buyers

Tel.: +86-21-66267222

Website: http://www.cseshanghai.com/en/

  • 16F, No. 441 North Henan Road, Jinyi Mansion, Jingan District, Shanghai, China
  • +86-21-66267222
  • +86-21-63060633
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