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2020 China (Beijing) Int'l Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo
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China Sports Publications of General Administration (CSSGA)
Chinese Bodybuilding Association(CBBA)
Beijing Donnor & CBBA Exhibition Co.,Led.
Shanghai Donnor Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.

Exhibition Time: September 25-27,2020
Exhibition venue: China International Exhibition Center New Venue
Estimated scale: 40,000+ square meters of exhibition area; 500+ home exhibiting brands; 2,000+ professional overseas visitors; 30,000+ professional visitors expected

2020 IWF BeiJing Start sailing Wonderful and Continuation

National fitness is now changing our mental outlook unconsciously, whichhas promoted the rapid development of fitness industry. Under thiscircumstances, IWF Fitness EXpo, the benchmark of Asian fitness industry,has entered Beijing IWF Fitness will be held twice from 2020, IWF SHANGHAI in March and IWF BEIJING in September. IWF Fitness Expo willupgrade the scale stably with the theme 'Innovation Technology'
IWF BEIJING Fitness Expo will be first held from 25th to 27th September,2020 at China International exhibition Center New venue.IWF BEIJING wilgather more than 500 well-known oversea and domestic brands to benefitChina and also global fitness industry. IWF BEIJING analyses marketing fordealers and distributors to make profits, builds an one-stop club suppliespurchasing platform for gym holders and investors, brings top courses tofitness trainers and enthusiasts, and also provides global purchasers withrich foreign trade products


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Exhibition Scope:

  • E1 Sports Leisure Goods, Running, Medical Rehabilitation
    Sports Equipment, Aqua Sports Equipment, X-Sports, Leisure Furniture, Outdoor Sports Equipment, Running Related Smart Products Sports Protective Gear, Healthy Food, Smart Wearable Products, App, Medical Rehabilitation Appliance Engineering Facility

  • E2 Fitness Equipment, Swimming Pool and SPA, Fitness Apparel
    Fitness Equipment, Fitness Appliance, Fitness Accessory, Swimming Pool Equipment, Facility Appliance, VR Fitness and Smart Wearable Products, Road Surface, Club Supplies Related

  • E3 Nutrition-Health food
    Nutrition Health Food, Meal Substitute, Energy Drink

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