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China (Wenzhou) Int'l Industry Expo
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China (Wenzhou) Int'l Industrial Expo (WIE for short) is one of the main brand exhibitions of Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd., which is held in March every year at Wenzhou Int'l Convention & Exhibition Center. The 6 concurrent fairs are as below: China (Wenzhou) Int'l Machine Tool and Mould Fair, China (Wenzhou) Int'l Plastic and Rubber Industry Fair, China (Wenzhou) Int’l Industrial Automation Fair, China (Wenzhou) Int'l Hardware and Cutting Tools Fair, China (Wenzhou) Int'l Laser Processing Technologies and Equipment Fair, China (Wenzhou) Int'l Logistics, Warehousing and Printing & Packaging Equipment Fair. It covers the whole industrial chain, fully exhibits the products such as machine tools, automation, plastics, lasers, hardware measuring tools, molds, warehousing and logistics, and provides multidimensional services to the manufacturing industry in the southeast coastal areas. Guided by the needs of enterprises in the automobile and motorcycle fittings, machinery manufacturing, instruments equipment, electronic appliances, pump and valve pipelines, mechanical and electrical hardware, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging machinery and other industries. The expo introduced domestic and foreign well-known upstream equipment enterprises, suppliers of raw materials and accessories, technical service providers, colleges and universities, etc., which is a multifunctional platform for upstream and downstream circulation, production, teaching and research interaction.

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